Completing A Survey In Exchange For Instagram Followers

Completing A Survey In Exchange For Instagram Followers

You are probably confused or undecided if you want to complete a survey, human verification or offers just in exchange for Instagram followers. Well, it is not worth it.

You are wasting your time completing never-ending surveys and filling up offers that will not complete because those are spam surveys.

.Image result for survey scam

The photo above is an example of a spam or scam surveys for free Instagram followers, that kind of survey looks like a total spam and will probably not end or finish.

Also, some of those are requiring to input your credit card or mobile number and it will charge some money so at the end of the day, you got no Instagram followers and you got charged.

Be careful putting your address, email and real name on those kinds of websites because they will use it to send you spam emails in the future and will sell your private details to a marketing agency.


Watch this video as a girl tried to expose online survey spams

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  1. I just want followers bro

  2. I just want followers brooooo

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